- Recipes, art & landscape -

by Christine Taylor.

Published by Assouline. 2017.

For O’Keeffe, food was elevated to an art form, both as a frequent subject in her work, and in its preparation and consumption. Featuring recipes collected from O’Keeffe’s preferred cookbooks with her handwritten notes, Dinner with Georgia O’Keeffe balances the fresh local and traditional ingredients the artist sought and the New Mexican landscape and culture that constantly influenced both her art and sense of self. Through Georgia’s personal letters and interviews with friends and staff members, Robyn Lea explores the artist’s relationship to food via art and nature.
From soups and main courses to vegetable dishes and breads to sweet treats and drinks, fifty of O’Keeffe’s favorites are presented here. Punctuated by O’Keeffe’s artworks and archival images of her years in New Mexico.